Landscape Book

This is the text and page layouts from this year's MassArt/GCC collaborative Landscape Photography class. Each artist was given a two page "signature," with two to three images and an artistic statement. The layout does not follow the page order from the book. All images and text are copy written by the artists, unless quotations from another source.

This is the second book produced by the Landscape Photography class offered in collaboration between the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Greenfield Community College. We have brought together a diverse group of photography students to examine our connection (or at times disconnection) to the landscape. What is notably missing in this volume is the traditional notion of the unscathed, natural landscape. Rather, these images explore these inhabited places in an effort to uncover the footprint we leave behind.

I would like to thank both the Administration and Art Faculty at Greenfield Community College and Massachusetts College of Art and Design for making this collaboration possible. I would also like to give special thanks to Clayton Salem who took the major responsibility of making this book come to fruition.

Tom Young


landscape series

This series was developed over this past year. It is an attempt to create a cohesive series of pictures that speak about my feelings of loneliness and loss.


Bent Tree

Chicopee Goat

Back Street

Boarded Window


Empty lot on Main Street

Wells Street Apartment

Brick wall at Greenhouses

Garage on School Street